Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that get asked about the LP Racks products:

What are LP3 racks made from?
They are galvanised steel and then powder coated.

How are racks shipped?
We will ship to you on a pallet, the racks are easy to assemble from here and include instructions!

What comes with an LP3 rack?
Purchasing from us means you get the rack, tubs, heat mats and two pulse thermostats as well as UK power connectors.

How do you work out pricing?
Because we buy a lot we get good exchange rates and can offer the racks at a lower cost than buying directly
You also get the UK power and support. We watch our prices closely and keep them as competitive as possible.

Can I add to my rack?
Yes - With LP3 you can buy a small rack to start and then add on more rows and columns later.
We can offer any combination for the starter rack and then you to choose what to add when.
Get in touch for a custom quote.

You only have a few configurations available, can I get different one?
Yes - We only hold the most popular complete racks in stock, there are too many combinations.
We have frequent shipments come from LP so should be able to get anything for you quickly.

Can I just get the rack or tubs without anything else?
Yes - Get in touch and we'll be happy to quote for just the metal work etc.

What is the difference between plastic and aluminium separators?
The separator goes between the shelves, aluminium ones are slightly more sturdy but more expensive.
The plastic ones are still great, we use these in our racks.

It mainly comes down to a preference for black plastic or the aluminium look!