LP3 - V35 - Sub adult and adult rack

The LP3 rack is a totally new standard in racking.
You can start by buying a complete system and then add more rows or columns on later.
You can choose either plastic or aluminium separators between shelves.
The racks are made of steel and are galvanised and powder coated for extra durability.
Each layer is ventilated above.
The tubs are held tight against the top to ensure that animals cannot escape.
They come complete with tubs, heat mats, 2 pulse thermostats and UK power.
They come flat packed and are easy to assemble.

The V35 version is great smaller royal pythons and adult colubrids with each tub measuring 50x37.5x13.5 cm.
You can mix V18 and V35 layers in the same rack (or add them later).
The prices shown below allow any combination or V35 and V18 rows (for example 5 rows of V35 and 5 of V18)
The prices below show the most popular options, please get in touch if you could like a quote for a different configuration.

We can quote for any width or height of rack.
Shipping starts from £45. Upgrade to Habistat Digital Dimming or Microclimate Evo stats for £70 per rack.

V35155Plastic £439
V35155Aluminium £459
V35/MIX11010Plastic £739
V35/MIX11010Aluminium £769
V35/MIX21020Plastic £1179
V35/MIX21020Aluminium £1209
V35/MIX31030Plastic £1579
V35/MIX31030Aluminium £1649
V35/MIX41040Plastic £2049
V35/MIX41040Aluminium £2149
  Prices include heating, electrics, tubs and VAT but exclude delivery