Plastic racking for Braplast boxes

Lightweight and flatpacked racking made from durable plastic.
Holds both 1.3L and 3L Braplast boxes without their lids in any combination.
Needs to be heating using a heat cable and has appropriate holes for threading it through.
The tubs are held tight against the top to ensure that animals cannot escape.

Comes in two sizes 5 row or 10 row.

These racks are supplied without boxes, heating or electrics.
Braplast boxes, heat cables and thermostats are available to order on our online shop.

Braplast 5 row uses 1 x 7m ZooMed heat cable.
Braplast 10 row uses 2 x 7m ZooMed heat cable.


The pictures all show the rack in 10 row configuration.

Braplast-54520/40 £389
Braplast-1041040/80 £589
  Prices include VAT but exclude heating, electrics, tubs and delivery