Plastic racking LPMIX - V15,V18 and V35s

Lightweight and flatpacked racking made from durable plastic.
Holds 3 x V15 or 2 x V18 or 1 x V35s tub in each section.
Heating is using the supplied heat mats.
The boxes are held tight against the top to ensure that animals cannot escape.

Comes in two sizes 4 row or 8 row.


You specify how many of each size of tub you would like at order time (Mixed or all one size).

These racks are supplied with tubs and heatmats but without thermostats.


LPMIX-4 2 4 Mixed £559
LPMIX-8 2 8 Mixed £999
  Prices include VAT, boxes and heat mats but exclude thermostats and delivery